Geometrics seismographs and accessories are known for their high quality and long life span.



Geometrics set the standard by offering a 3 year warranty on their ES-3000 seismograph. No matter what seismograph you might have, there’s almost always an upgrade path to obtain more channels or to improve your acquisitioning platform.

Model Application No. of Channels Notes Details Data Sheet
StrataVisor NZXP Land Up to 64 Internal The NZXP seismograph expands easily to larger channel systems by connecting other NZ seismographs or lightweight Geode modules. www DataSheet
StrataVisor NX Land/Marine Up to 132 internal Available in rugged portable case or rack mount model.  www
Geode Land Distributes seismograph system controlled either by a StrataVisor unit or a PC notebook. www DataSheet
SmartSeis ST Land 12, 16 or 24 channels Compact self contained seismograph with thermal plotter. www DataSheet
ES-3000 Land 8, 12, 16 or 24 channels Lightweight seismic refraction solution with data acquisition and analysis software. Comes with a 3 year warranty. www DataSheet
GeoEel Marine Up to 480 Towed hydrophone streamer. www
Geode DZ Land Distributed system for large scale 3D surveys www
HVB-1 Land Seismic Timer/Blaster DataSheet
DHA-7 Borehole Downhole Hydrophone Array www DataSheet

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