Geometrics have been a world leader in the design and manufacture of magnetometer equipment since 1968.



g-882       g-856

The instruments are designed for the harsh land, sea and airborne environments that geophysical magnetometers are faced with. For over ten years Alpha have offered Geometrics sales, rentals, repairs, training and ongoing support for our customers.

Model Application Technology Notes Details Data Sheet
G-857 Land Proton Low cost base station or rover. GPS and Gradiometer options available. www DataSheet
G-858 Land Caesium Vapour Portable caesium magnetometer for research, environment, UXO. Gradiometer version also available. www DataSheet
G-858-AG114 Land Caesium Vapour As above but with integrated DGPS and coverage control. DataSheet
G-859 Land Caesium Vapour Rugged backpack caesium magnetometer with integrated GPS designed for mineral and oil exploration. 2 year warranty. www DataSheet
Application Note
Mag Cart Land Cart/Trolley for Land MAG operations DataSheet
Wide Mag Cart Land Wide Cart/Trolley for Land MAG operations. DataSheet
G-822A Airborne Caesium Vapour Designed for all mobile and base station applications. www DataSheet
G-823A Airborne Caesium Vapour As the G-822A but with internal counter module. www DataSheet
G-880 Marine Caesium Vapour Mini-marine Caesium magnetometer system. DataSheet
G-882 Marine Caesium Vapour High resolution Marine Caesium magnetometer system. www DataSheet
G-882SX Marine Caesium Vapour Marine Caesium magnetometer system. DataSheet
CM220 Airborne/Marine Lamor Counter Ce Mag Larmor Counter DataSheet
CM220 Airborne/Marine Lamor Counter Ce Mag Larmor Counter DataSheet
MagLogLite Marine/Land Software PC Datalogger Software DataSheet
MagLogNT Marine/Air/Land Software PC Datalogger Software DataSheet
MagMap2000 Land/Marine Software Processing Software for Mag data/OhmMapper DataSheet

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