Electrical Resistivity

ZZ Instruments have developed 61-channel resistivity, IP meters and 2.5D inversion software
allowing faster and more robust acquisition than ever before.

FlashRES-The ZZ Instruments FlashRES Resistivity/IP resistivity meters provide:

  • Total flexibility of resistivity/IP method applications,
  • Over six times the number of available channels compared to other systems, which provide over six times faster surveys,
  • Measurements are collected for multiple configurations simultaneously saving time in the field,
  • Real-time readout of current and voltage measurements to facilitate rapid on-site debugging.

ZZ is a South Australian-based geophysical instrument manufacturer. They specialise in the development of 61-channel resistivity and IP meters and 2.5D inversion software.

ZZ Resistivity Imaging Pty. Ltd. (ZZ) was founded in 2006 by two near-surface geophysicists from the University of Adelaide.  After years of research and development, the first 61-channel resistivity and IP meter in the world was successfully developed, the FlashRES-64. After an extended period of continued refinement, they proudly launched the new FlashRES-UNIVERSAL range in 2013. In 2014, they released their 3,000W/1,200V transmitter booster – The FlashRES Power Booster.

FlashRES resistivity meters are now widely used in many research institutions, universities, and geophysical survey companies around the world.

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