Mount Sopris Instruments

Alpha represents Mount Sopris Instruments (MSI) in the Australasian Region.  The MSI logging systems continue to be the world leading supplier of innovative, portable digital geophysical logging systems

Alpha Staff have a long association with MSI, both selling and renting their portable, user-friendly geophysical loggers and down-hole probes that meet the evolving needs of the ground water, geotechnical, environmental, and natural resource communities.


Portable Digital Loggers

The MATRIX line of portable digital loggers is the world’s most versatile, easy-to-use, ultra-light, geophysical logging system. Packed with useful features and accessories including a simple tripod assembly that can handle nearly any field situation, and spare cable-head parts to keep you fully operational, this system will take care of your geophysical logging projects to 1000 feet (305 meters).


Light-weight, high-capacity, small footprint winches have been a trademark of MSI for many years. The MX series of winches are easily transported, yet rugged and capable of logging holes to 1000 meters. The larger WN series of winches are designed to be vehicle mounted and can be spooled with coaxial cable for our combination video / geophysical installations.

Downhole Tools

MSI supplies a wide variety of downhole probes including electric, nuclear, full waveform sonic, induction, video, magnetic susceptibility, borehole gyro, spectral gamma, water quality, optical and acoustic imagery, and many, many more. We have teamed with the best manufacturing companies in the world to bring customers this one-stop showcase of downhole probes. MSI specialise in small diameter, lightweight tools.

Log Acquisition & Presentation / Interpretation Software

Operating under the latest Windows environment, our latest log acquisition software (MSLog) allows users access to Windows hardware options, including printer and other device drivers. When operated with the MGX II family of loggers, high data rates are achieved with multiple modem options. A standard serial interface passes data from the logger to the user’s PC, so that no external PC-MCIA or ISA plug-in cards are required. MSLog is based on field-tested architecture that can be upgraded in the future as operating systems evolve along with PC hardware. Click on the text link above for information and downloads about WellCAD and Logshell.

For further information please visit the MSI website:

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