FastSnap – TEM

Cost effective

The FastSnap is a TEM/Time Domain EM system that offers high end performance at a very competitive price.

Field proven

The system is light-weight, rugged and field proven, from the deserts of Australia to northern Siberian winters


Very fast shut-off time (1-2μs for 25m loop) and very fast ADC (40MHz) come standard. 20A transmitter as standard with easy upgrade to 30A and custom transmitters up to 200A available


The state of the art software suite is fully integrated, covering:

  • Forward modelling/inversion
  • Survey design
  • Acquisition
  • Display of data in a variety of forms
  • GIS functionality
  • Processing
  • Interpretation
  • Fast (express) processing can be achieved in real time, allowing presentation of data as conductivity-depth or resistivity-time.

Full Waveform data collection (no data binning in acquisition), means that measurements are no longer restricted to predefined time gates and the full characteristics of the analogue signal are preserved.

Whilst stacking can be used in the field to view data, each individual stack is recorded separately allowing the user to remove noisy measurements from the dataset in post processing before stacking, therefore decreasing noise and statistical errors for more accurate modeling.


  • Compact, lightweight and rugged for field operations
  • Up to two separate receivers operating simultaneously
  • GPS Synchronized acquisition meaning no cables between the Transmitter and Receiver are required if there is GPS reception
  • Cable Synchronized if GPS reception is poor
  • Inversion software available which can account for IP
  • Full waveform data collection (no data binning/time gates in acquisition)
  • A Faster turn-off time (shorter ramp) makes it ideal for near surface surveys
  • Noise reduction is improved by the ability to remove single noisy signals, such as responses from a vehicle passing a coil, or applying filters to part of, or an entire data set
  • It is operated by a state-of-the-art software suite, which is fully integrated, covering: acquisition, display of data in a variety of forms, GIS functionality, processing, interpretation and inversion of data.
  • Fast (express) processing can be achieved in real time, allowing presentation of data as conductivity-depth or resistivity-time, while more rugged and involved inversion techniques can be applied later.


FastSnap provides an attractive option for geotechnical and environmental surveys as well as conventional surveys for minerals and groundwater.

Alpha Geoscience is now marketing the FastSnap system in place of a previous TEM system. We believe the FastSnap system has a number of technical innovations that will enhance your ability to collect TEM data and the software is certainly superior to most other systems.

Download Brochures Here:

FastSnap Hardware Brochure

FastSnap Software Brochure

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