3d-Radar has pioneered next generation 3d Ground Penetrating Radar (3d GPR) using step frequency radar technology and innovative multi channel antenna design. Their systems are capable of acquisition at speeds in excess of 100 km/h. The system is extremely easy to use and fast to deploy with intuitive yet powerful acquisition and processing software.


Antenna Arrays

3d-Radar manufactures a wide range of antenna arrays suitable for different applications and operational requirements. Their current selection of arrays range from 9  transmitting and receiving antennas up to 41 pairs. Available in ground coupled or air launched configurations, the width of the antenna arrays ranges between 90 cm to 3.3 meters with frequency ranges from 200 MHz – 3 GHz.

DXG-Series Multi-Channel Ground Coupled Antenna Arrays

DXG1820 GrassThe DXG-Series of antennas are idealy suited to applications such as bridge deck inspection, utility mapping UXO remediation, archaeology or any application where high resolution GPR data needs to be acquired at all possible depths.   Compatible with the GeoScope ™ Mk IV ultra-wideband step frequency GPR, the DXG antenna is available in 90cm, 1.2m and 1.8m widths, with other sizes available on a custom order basis.   Designed to be compatible with the DX series of antennas, the DXG brings the advantages of a ground coupled solution into the 3d realm for the first time.

DX-Series Multi-Channel Antenna Arrays

DX-Series-transparent background

3d-Radar DX-Series antenna arrays allow scanning of up to 41 channels of GPR data over a continuous 200MHz to 3GHz frequency range. Near surface signal fidelity with the DX antenna is enhanced by orienting the transmitting and receiving antenna elements in opposite directions, minimizing antenna ringing while delivering high resolution imagery.

The air-coupled antenna design offers clear impulse response with low ringing and high suppression of the direct wave from transmitter to receiver. Operated with the GeoScope ™ Mk IV step-frequency radar, the DX-Series antennas offer a unique capability of collecting 3-dimensional GPR data with dense line spacing, allowing full 3-dimensional data processing. The antenna has support for multi-offset recording, and has a built in GPS receiver.

Ideal for applications such as road/bridge deck inspection, utility mapping, archaeology, railway ballast inspection and military uses, the DX Series of antennas are available in 1.8, 2.1, 2.4 and 3.3 meter widths.  Other antenna sizes are possible.  Contact 3d-Radar if your application requires a custom size.


GeoScope_IVThe 3d-Radar GeoScope Mk IV Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) raises the standard for high speed, high-density three-dimensional sub-surface imaging. The Mk IV is the fourth generation 3d-Radar GeoScope and further exploits the application of step-frequency technology to Ground Penetrating Radar. The Geoscope Mk IV enables high-density high speed 3D data capture with unique combination of deep subsurface penetration coupled to high resolution.


  • Optimum resolution at all depths: Step-frequency technology enables the users to achieve the best possible resolution at each investigation depth. Penetration and the highest resolution are simultaneously achieved with only ONE single antenna array. No need to employ different frequency antennas to adapt to different depths.
  • Unprecedented area survey speed (work rate): Very high scan rates and an efficient sampling method enables the GeoScope Mk IV to provide full resolution 3D imagery with a 2.4 m antenna array at highway speeds.
  • High resolution full 3D sub surface imagery: 7.5 cm channel spacing in the antenna array combined with 3GHz bandwidth ensures high-density sampling as required by utility mapping, military applications and archaeology prospecting.
  • Wide range of antenna arrays with uniform response across the elements: The Mk IV is compatible with all VX and DX-series antenna arrays ranging up to 330 cm in width.
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