Welcome to the October Newsletter and we are pleased to bring you exciting news with further information on geophysical services, rentals and products available in Australia through Alpha Geoscience.

G-856 Upgrade

We are aware that there are a considerable number of G-856 Magnetometers out in the field and Alpha is now able to provide an upgrade to a G-857 model for a substantially discounted price than purchasing a new unit. This upgrade gives you:

  1. A more reliable magnetometer as the two circuit boards in the G-856 is replaced with one circuit board with all new components.
  2. Larger memory storage for data, thus allowing for longer field acquisition periods and longer base station monitoring.
  3. An optional GPS which allows data to be stamped with time and latitude / longitude positions. You can quickly and easily upload GPX waypoint survey routes to the GPS for in-field navigation using MagMap software.

Neutron Generator Borehole Probe

Alpha Geoscience is excited to announce the upcoming release of an amazing new product! Mount Sopris have teamed up with Starfire Industries to develop a neutron probe, the QL40-nGEN that eliminates the use of radioactive materials for neutron production.

With the new QL40-nGEN, the neutron source can be turned off and on, which increases overall safety and reduces the inconveniences that are associated with the use of radioactive sources. In contrast to a conventional neutron probe, it does not require a professional license for handling or costly, secure storage and transportation. The handler of this probe needs only to obtain a simple permit.

The new QL40-nGEN is scheduled to be available in early 2018. See for further details.



The magROCK is used for measuring magnetic susceptibility in rocks, cores and samples. It incorporates the latest in measurement and display technology while retaining the sound physical principles that enable improved sensitivity and accuracy.  See

Recent Projects

Alpha has a large array of geophysical instruments for hire including a number of portable well logging systems available for short or long term rental.  We also have pre-owned logging systems for sale at a discounted cost.

Our rental instruments are listed on the Rental Rates and Agreement form found on our website.  If there are any items you are interested in but are not included in our Rental Rates and Agreement then please contact our office and we will endeavour to do our best to find the equipment you require.

Geophysical Surveys

Alpha continues to undertake geophysical surveys, with specific emphasis on the near surface (0 to 30 metres).  These surveys include:

  • Resistivity
  • Conductivity
  • GPR
  • Seismic Refraction / MASW
  • Borehole Logging
  • UXO Surveys and Investigation

Conductivity Meter

Alpha is the main distributor of DUALEM conductivity meter products in Australia.  DUALEM manufacture electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instruments for conductivity surveys of soil, groundwater, minerals and bedrock, and detection of buried metal.  Patented DUALEM instruments explore simultaneously to two-or-more distinct depths, enabling the quantitative analysis of a layered earth.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions Alpha is pleased to advise that we will be exhibiting at the forecoming AEGC Conference in Sydney in February 2018. This will be an excellent conference featuring a combination of the Geophysical (ASEG), Geological (AIG) and Petroleum (PESA) fields.