Welcome to the May Newsletter and we are pleased to bring you further
information on geophysical services, rentals and products available in
Australia through Alpha Geoscience.

Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The magROCK is used for measuring magnetic susceptibility in rocks,
cores and samples, incorporates the latest in measurement and display
technology while retaining the sound physical principles that enable
improved sensitivity and accuracy.


Rental Instruments

Alpha has a large array of geophysical instruments for hire including a
number of portable well logging systems available for short or long term
rental.  We also have pre-owned logging systems for sale at a
discounted cost.

Our rental instruments are listed on the Rental Rates and Agreement form
found on the website.  If there are items you are interested in
but are not included in our Rental Rates and Agreement then please contact the staff and we will endeavour to do our best to find the equipment you require.

Recent Projects

  • Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate voids and other irregularities along a series of seawall on Sydney Harbour.
  • Using FDEM-8D to determine the presence and position of groundwater aquifers along a river bank.
  • Location the position of archaeological buried items including building foundations, etc. using GPR.
  • Unexploded Ordnance Survey for the extension of airport facilities in Central Queensland.

Featured Products

Geometrics Magnetometer

manufacture a range of total field magnetometers for a variety of
application with an emphasis on exploration for mineral deposits.
These include the Cs Vapour high sensitivity G858/9 units to the lower
sensitivity G857 Proton Precession units.

RS230 Spectrometer

The Radiation Solutions spectrometers are the market leaders having a
range of spectrometer for both ground and airborne radiometric
measurements.  The more portable hand held units, the RS-125 are
also available for rental from Alpha.

Conductivity Meter

Alpha is the distributor of DUALEM conductivity meter products in Australia. DUALEM manufacture electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instruments for
conductivity surveys of soil, groundwater, minerals and bedrock, and
detection of buried metal.  Patented DUALEM instruments explore simultaneously to two-or-more distinct depths, enabling the quantitative analysis of a layered earth.