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We are pleased to bring you the latest news on geophysical services and products available from Australia

Near Surface Investigations

Alpha can assist in undertake investigations in the near surface using a variety of geophysical instruments depending on the target and the surrounding geology.  These targets includes groundwater mapping, geological mapping, man-made features including UST’s, buried waste and archaeological sites.

Rental Equipment

Alpha continues to enhance the rental pool of geophysical instruments including the addition of seismograph with cables and geophones. Alpha can supply geophysical instruments from our own pool or acquire from others to meet your requirements.  Our rental instruments are listed on the Rental Rates and Agreement form found on the website.
If there are items you are interested in but are not included in our Rental Rates and Agreement then please contact the staff and we will endeavours to do our best to find the equipment you require.

Well Logging

The Mount Sopris range of well logging systems have winches down to 2,500 metres with a full range of borehole probes, including the ALT Televiewer and Acoustic probes, all available through Alpha.  Alpha also have winches (down to 1,000 metres) and a comprehensive range of probes for rental from Sydney.

UXO Investigation

Alpha continues to offer UXO services from Desktop Study, Field Validation Surveys, Pathfinding to a full UXO Clearance both in Australia and Overseas.  This includes
Alpha is also reviewing the option for a demonstration of the new Geometrics MetalMapper in Australia for the discrimination of UXO targets.  The MetalMapper is an advanced Time Domain EM (TEM) system that provides a large leap forward in the ability to discriminate between buried UXO items and other metallic objects. This system uses a 3 component transmitter and seven tri-axial receivers to characterize each target.

Attending Conferences

Alpha Geoscience will be exhibiting or represented at the following conferences:
  • Expomin 2016 conference in Santiago Chile (Apr 25-29) and will be performing field demonstrations of the FastSnap TEM System for anyone interested at this time.
  • AgriTech Conference & Exhibition / Irrigation Australia, in Melbourne – 24 – 26 May 2016
  • ASEG-PESA-AIG 2016 25th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, in Adelaide – 21-24 August 2016


Elecdev FDEM 8

Alpha now has the FDEM 8 in stock for sale snd rental. FDEM 8 is a frequency domain electromagnetic instrument. It uses a transmitter and receiver, spaced up to fifty meters apart to take a measurement of the conductivity of the ground. Eight frequencies are read at each station, (3200, 1600, 800, 500, 250, 125, 75 and 20 hertz). All frequencies use the same coil spacing.

A reading takes approximately 20 seconds. Readings of amplitude and phase of the received signal is saved on a SD card for retrieval. Up to 50000 stations can be saved to the SD card. Readings are plotted on the LCD screen in real time. The receiver has a USB interface for downloading data to a PC type computer, running Windows. PCFDEM software is supplied to download, plot and convert the field data.

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Alpha GeoScience continues to offer sales, rentals and support for Geometrics instruments in Australia. Geometrics reputation for easy to use, reliable equipment is well deserved and remains the industry standard to this day.
The G-859 Cesium Vapour Magnetometer pictured below is a must have for any serious exploration company. Coupled with GPS and backpack this system can be operated by anyone with minimal training and allows for rapid acquisition of high quality data.
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