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We are pleased to bring you the latest news on geophysical services and products available from Australia
Alpha Geoscience is pleased to announce that Tim Pippett, the Managing Director has been elected to the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) Council.  Tim has been a great supporter of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) over his career and wants to bring the experience and knowledge of the geophysical community to the AIG.


Alpha has had a very long association with Geometrics and continues to sell and rent their products.  These include a full range of Magnetometers, Seismographsand Geoelectrical Instruments.

Geometrics is developing a Micro-Fabricated Atomic Magnetometer (MFAM) a novel total-field magnetometer. The MFAM measures the magnetic field at a rate of 1 khz using a miniaturized Caesium-vapour sensor.  MFAM’s application in situations where small sensor size, high sensitivity, high sample rate, and immunity to sensor-to-sensor interference are important. 

Transient Technologies – Ground Penetrating Radar

Transient Technologies VIY-3 series 2D ground penetrating radar offer some of the most advanced and robust high quality equipment and software in their field.  Built in tilt sensors, WIFI and GPS compatibility are just some of their high end features.  Transient offers a range of antennas from 125 to 700 MHz with state-of the art software for processing and imaging.

FastSnap TDEM

The FastSnap TEM System and Software is a complete TEM ground survey package. The system is by far the most advanced in its class, offering the highest technical specifications and most comprehensive software package together at an economical price. The software streamlines all aspects of a ground TEM survey, from automated GIS survey planning to advanced automated acquisition, world class automated processing and modelling inversion capability.

magROCK Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The magROCK is used for measuring magnetic susceptibility in rocks, cores and samples, incorporates the latest in measurement and display technology while retaining the sound physical principles that enable improved sensitivity and accuracy.

Borehole Logging Workshop

Alpha, in conjunction with Mount Sopris Instruments (Denver, Co, USA) is putting on a two day workshop on borehole logging orientated to the mineral, coal, engineering and groundwater arena.  This workshop will be on the Thursday and Friday after the ASEG-PESA-AIG Conference in Adelaide from 25 to 26 August.  Further information can be obtained from Alpha’s office, flyers will be out shortly.

Rental Instruments

Alpha has just received back from a long term hire, three portable well logging systems and these are now available for short or long term rental.  Alternatively we would be happy to sell them at a discounted cost.
Our rental instruments are listed on the Rental Rates and Agreement form found on the website.  If there are items you are interested in but are not included in ourRental Rates and Agreement then please contact the staff and we will endeavour to do our best to find the equipment you require.

Attending Conferences

Alpha Geoscience will be represented at the following conferences:

  • ASEG-PESA-AIG 2016 25th Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, in Adelaide – 21-24 August 2016
  • Borehole Logging Workshop – after ASEG-PESA-AIG Conference in Adelaide – 25-26 August 2016


Elecdev FDEM 8

Alpha now has the FDEM 8 in stock for sale And rental. FDEM 8 is a frequency domain electromagnetic instrument. It uses a transmitter and receiver, spaced up to fifty meters apart to take a measurement of the conductivity of the ground. Eight frequencies are read at each station, (3200, 1600, 800, 500, 250, 125, 75 and 20 hertz). All frequencies use the same coil spacing.


Alpha is the distributor of DUALEMproducts in Australia. DUALEMmanufacture electromagnetic (EM) geophysical instruments for conductivity surveys of soil, groundwater, minerals and bedrock, and detection of buried metal. PatentedDUALEM instruments explore simultaneously to two-or-more distinct depths, enabling the quantitative analysis of a layered earth. 

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