Welcome to the January Newsletter and we are pleased to bring you exciting news with further information on geophysical services, rentals and products available in Australia through Alpha Geoscience.


AEGC 2018 Conference


Alpha will be exhibiting at the Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC) at Darling Harbour in Sydney from the 18 to 21 February.  If you would like to come and join us, please contact our office to acquire an exhibition pass.


Ground Conductivity Meter

Convention_ Truck

There continues to be a lot of interest in the DUALEM range of Ground Conductivity Meters.  They offer are a considerable range of units suitable for soundings from 0.5 metres to 13 metres.  Units are available with up to 3 horizontal and co-planar receivers for 6 simultaneous sounding depths.  Alpha has these units available for hire.


Recent Projects

  • Seismic Refraction and MASW Survey – Victoria
  • TDEM and GPR Survey – Sydney Region
  • GPR concrete investigation for Sydney Metro project – Sydney


Featured Products


The FastSnap unit is a compact, extremely lightweight and rugged TDEM system for field operations.  It has a rather fast turn-off time (1-2us for a 25-metre loop).  It allows 1 to 4 receivers recording simultaneously with the standard 20A transmitter or 30 or 50 A higher powered.  This unit uses GPS and wire synchronization.

TDEM and GPR Survey


New products

Geometrics ATOM Wireless Seismograph

The ATOM introduces a new style of the seismograph to the Geometrics range. As a stand-a-lone seismograph, each Acquisition Unit (AU) is a complete recording system providing total flexibility over the number of data acquisition channels. This unit contains an internal battery, high accuracy GPS clock and 4 GB memory.  The ATOM can be deployed for up to 70 hours of continual data acquisition before needing to be recharged. For longer monitoring projects, the addition of a small 5V solar panel permits the data acquisition to be extended for up to 23 days with the 4GB standard internal memory or up to 186 days with the optional 32GB extended memory.


Smallest Gamma Probe EVER!

Mount Sopris is excited to announce the new 19GR Nano Gamma probe!

This is the smallest total count gamma probe in the world with an amazing 19 mm diameter.