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Welcome to the New Year and another Alpha Newsletter.  We hope you had a great break over Christmas and are refreshed for the New Year.


Market Segments

Alpha Geoscience continues to operate in the various market segments which include:


DUALEM is a Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic instrument we have been selling, renting and undertaking surveys with for 10+ years, and we have just sold more units into the agricultural market for ground conductivity measurement.  These instruments provide continuous recording of the ground conductivity at various depths, depending on which instrument is being used, and feature DualEM’s exclusive twin orientation receiver coils and rock-solid drift resistance.


Alpha has sold well logging systems for groundwater investigations with systems varying in depth capacity from 100 metres to 2,500 metres and an extensive range of borehole probes with multi-tool stacks available specifically for groundwater applications.  Alpha has also been undertaking resistivity and conductivity surveys for ground water exploration.  See for further information.

Mining and Exploration

Geometrics continues to be at the forefront of magnetometer technology for the mining industry with the Australian standard being the G859 Cs Vapour Magnetometer.  Alpha continues to sell the magROCK Magnetic Susceptibility Meter for mining and exploration to provide another physical property of rock samples, cores or cuttings.


Alpha offers instruments and services for engineering properties of the earth such as foundation rock properties and depths of foundations, including phone towers and the position of subsurface infrastructure.

UXO Investigations

Alpha continues to undertake UXO investigations throughout Australia using its wealth of experience of over 25 years throughout the world.  See for further information.

Pre-owned Instruments

Alpha has updated the list of pre-owned instruments on the website at  These include a Mount Sopris Well Logging System with a 500 m. Winch and Gamma / SPR / SP Probe.

Rental Instruments

Alpha continues to enhance its pool of rental equipment, and any equipment not available directly from our rental pool can be cross-hired from our partners.

Our rental instruments are listed on the Rental Rates and Agreement form found on our website.  If there are items you are interested in but are not included in our Rental Rates and Agreement then please contact the staff and we will endeavour to do our best to find the equipment you require.

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