Newsletter February, 2016




We are pleased to bring you the latest news on geophysical services and products available from Australia in 2016.

Rental Equipment

Alpha continues to grow it’s pool of rental equipment with the addition of a seismic refraction system, the Geometrics Geode 24 (24 channel) system with cables.  A new FDEM-8D Multi Frequency Domain System has also be added.  See the Rental Rates and Agreement on the website under rentals.
Alpha also has well logging systems and has available the 2SNA Downhole Spectral Gamma Tool available for immediate dispatch.

New FastSnap Upgrades

In December last Year Alpha announced that the FastSnap now comes with a powerful 20 A transmitter as standard.
Now the FastSnap is available with up to 4 separate receiver units, each recording simultaneously. In addition, receiver units have been improved for survey use by relocating connectors to an external location, so that the receiver unit case can be shut all day during acquisition. This new design also makes the system even more resistant to dust and weather while surveying.

Recent Projects

Alpha has recently completed the following projects:
1. Successfully determined foundation depth and slab thickness of a telecommunications tower in NSW using GPR.
2. Logged, processed and interpreted 9 boreholes using the Mount Sopris Acoustic Televiewer downhole tool in NSW.

Attending Conferences

Alpha Geoscience recently exhibited at the
Myanmar Mining Development Summit 2016. Alpha Geoscience will also have a presence at the Expomin 2016 conference in Santiago Chile (Apr 25-29) and will be performing field demonstrations of the FastSnap TEM System for anyone interested at this time.


The magROCK, for measuring magnetic susceptibility in rocks, cores and samples, incorporates the latest in measurement and display technology while retaining the sound physical principles that enable improved sensitivity and accuracy.

The MagROCK features:

-The magROCK uses two ferrite cored coils that give higher sensitivity and accuracy.  This is not possible in smaller instruments.
-Low frequency, 750 Hz, for deep penetration of rock sample and is optimal for avoiding erroneous readings caused by the simultaneous measurement of conductivity and susceptibility.
-A unique display feature of the magROCK is the reversal of the display for ‘ease-of-reading’ when the unit is held upside down.
-Digital and graphical display
Sensitivity of the magROCK is 1 x 10-5 SI Units
-Ruggedised assembly with ergonomic designed case
-Large memory stores 30 sets of 128 readings – total of 3,840 individual readings!
-The magROCK can operate in static or scanning mode
-Data transfer by USB output (waterproof connector)
-User friendly menu system
Please contact us for more information:

Transient Technologies LLC have been engaged in scientific research in ground penetrating radar technology since 1998. The utilization of a modern approach and the latest technology ensure that the VIY®-series GPR is always at the forefront of the industry.

VIY-series GPR features: 

-Quick system deployment 18-bit receiver (ADC – the biggest digit capacity in GPR)
-Practical & robust monoblock design
-Shielded antennas
-Rugged fiberglass cases
-User-friendly encapsulated push-pull connectors
-Long run time on a single battery charge
-User-friendly, simple & reliable connection of measuring wheel without any tools
-Dust-and-dirt proof measuring wheel antenna connects with a laptop directly through USB cable (no Control Unit = lower cost, better value)
-Supports external GPS receiver
-Extra devices (measuring wheel, GPS) connect with antenna without any extra cables between antenna and computer
-Automatic topographic correction
-Data is processed in a computer, errors can be corrected, the original data does not change
-Single built-in battery (charges through the antenna connector)

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