NEWSLETTER – November 2018

NEWSLETTER – November 2018


We are pleased to bring you the November Newsletter with some exciting news and further information on geophysical instruments, services and rentals available in Australia through Alpha Geoscience.

Please note our new contact phone number +61 (0)2 9533 5551.

Pre-Owned Geophysical Instruments

Interest in the pre-owned geophysical instrumentation has increased. Some of the units are advertised on our website at but we do have other instruments which you could be interested in from our Rental pool.

Recent Projects

  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Survey & Evaluation Survey – north of
    Perth, WA
  • Resistivity Survey for pipeline installations – Tanami, NT
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey for paleo-channel investigation – Sydney Basin
  • UXO Survey for a footpath in a National Park – Sydney Basin
  • GPR investigation for rock anchors – Sydney
  • DualEM Survey for environmental contamination – Sydney Basin

Featured Products

magROCK – Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

The magROCK is an extremely portable magnetic susceptibility meter with digital and analog display. It stores readings in memory for downloading to a computer for analysis and display. The unit uses a low frequency for deeper penetration into the rock sample eliminating the skin effect of the rock conductivity. The unit can operate in scan or static mode and can display the results in either SI or CGS units of measurement.

New products

Geometrics MFAM Magnetometer Sensor

Geometrics has recently announced a revolutionary new line of magnetometer products based on recent research in miniaturizing atomic clocks and magnetometers. This unit is referred to as the MFAM Magnetometer Sensor.

Advances by Geometrics allow for a 10-fold reduction in size and power consumption without sacrificing performance. New devices soon to be on the market are only about 15cc in size and require only 2W per sensor. Manufacturing technologies for an additional 10-fold reduction in size and power consumption are available now.

This unit is ideally suitable for installation in a drone where size, weight and power consumption is critical and this sensor meets all these requirements.


DUALEM Systems

DUALEM continues to be in the forefront of Ground Conductivity Meters going from the
DUALEM-1S (0.5 and 1.6 metre depths of conductivity soundings) up to the DUALEM -842S (providing simultaneous conductivity sounding information from 1, 2, 3, 3.2, 6 and 10 metres depth).
The DUALEM Sensors come with Bluetooth as a standard output, (with the RS-232) and the option for Internal GPS positioning.